Bespoke creative wellbeing strategies for employers


We explore your company’s well being
needs by looking at your mental health
policies and approaches, facilitating
discussion with relevant staff and running focus groups


Use our expertise to design options of an evidence based action plan that we can help you put into practice


Where appropriate we resource you and your company by actually providing the content of your well being action plan. This can include: training, workshops, campaigns, coaching, and resources.

How we work


We follow best practice from our own profession to meet your own policies


We work with you to come up with solutions that best suit your company’s needs


The solutions we provide are innovative and original

More benefits to Cloud 9

Engaging in a group process will give you the breathing space to open up to a positive perspective in you working day

Taking part in a creative process will help you to develop meaningful connection with others

and satisfaction

After the shared group experience you will be motivate and ready to engage in your work feeling refreshed

Reduce stress

Increase connection and communication