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 Open Studio at Red Door

No artistic skill or knowledge is required. You will be supported to work at a pace and level that suits you with materials of your choice. There will be opportunities to share thoughts and experiences within the group but if you prefer, your work can be kept private. The art therapists running the studio are available for support but people are welcome to attend the studio whether they need this support or not.

You are welcome to attend the studio for a free trial before you decide to attend. Then if you are interested in attending we ask that you complete a referral form either as an individual or through an organisation (see details below). 

Red Door Studio runs a weekly studio for adults

which offers a welcoming and non-judgemental space

for people to work creatively alongside others.

In the open studio we use creativity 

  • as a way of expressing ourselves 

  • to connect to experiences and emotions

  • to create space for thinking

  • to support our sense of self and wellbeing

  • for creating positive change in our lives

  • to connect with other like minded people

The open studio runs for 2 hours every Friday morning from11am to1pm.

The cost of €30 per session includes art materials and tea/coffee. 

Organisation Referrals:

Organisations, whether charitable or state run, can refer clients to the open studio. Clients can visit for a free trial and be accompanied for support. 

If your client is interested in attending the open studio after their initial visit please discuss this information with them and contact us for a referral form. 

We recommend a joint funding approach where your client pays a contribution and the referring organisation the remainder. 


If you are interested in attending the open studio independently please contact us to arrange an initial visit and free trial. We will introduce you to the open studio model and let you experience and explore it's possibilities. We will then request you complete a referral and agreement form.

Cloud 9 Consultancy

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