positive change through creativity 

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we have had to change the way we work. Group supports have moved online. Individual face to face art therapy sessions are still available in our art therapy studio in Galway, which we are running with full adherence to national Covid-19 guidelines.

Please contact us for more information. 

Red Door Studio offers supports to people who are experiencing emotional difficulties or going through challenging life experiences by using creativity as a means of expression and communication. Our mission is to support people to develop and use their own resources to experience a quality of life they choose for themselves.

Red Door Studio offers:

  • an opportunity to use creativity as a way of expressing the full spectrum of human experience and for positive change

  • a safe and non-judgemental way of working with people based on their needs 

  • support at a pace and level suited to each individual through creative participation and trusted relationships

  • both short and long term support outside of existing medical or therapeutic models

Who We Are

Kate and Ursula are art therapists trained to Master’s level with broad experience and training in the areas of mental health, creativity and group facilitation.

Our Core Values

The core values that underpin the Red Door Studio include:

Creativity as a vehicle​ for:
● exploration, change and transformation
● expression of lived experiences and their meanings 
● challenging societal norms and stereotypes of mental health
● inclusion of the underrepresented

Connection through healthy relationships ​based on
● trust, understanding and respect
● clear boundaries regarding privacy, self determination and dignity
● respecting individual rights, values and beliefs
● empowering people to exercise choice regarding their own recovery

An atmosphere​ which supports
● an informal, welcoming space where people can be themselves
● the sharing of experiences and views without fear of judgement
● choice and flexibility
● encouragement, confidence building and hope
● inclusive participation and possibilities for collaboration

Community integration ​by developing
● positive partnerships with agencies and organisations in the community
● collaboration as a normal and effective way of working

Best Practice​ based on
● the principles of the recovery model
● prevention, early detection and long term, lasting supports
● co-production between art therapists and people with lived experience
● evidence  and research in the field of art therapy and arts in health
● the code of ethics from the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists
● appropriate risk management
● continuous monitoring and review of Red door Studios model