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Positive change through creativity

An innovative way to foster wellbeing

For individual face to face art therapy sessions please complete a referral form here

If you are interested in group work please contact us.

Who we are

Kate and Ursula are art therapists trained to Master’s level with broad experience and training in the areas of mental health, creativity and group facilitation.

Red Door Studio offers supports to people who are experiencing emotional difficulties or going through challenging life experiences by using creativity as a means of expression and communication. Our mission is to support people to develop and use their own resources to experience a quality of life they choose for themselves.

Red Door Studio offers:

  • an opportunity to use creativity as a way of expressing the full spectrum of human experience for positive change

  • a safe and non-judgemental way of working with people based on their needs 

  • support at a pace and level suited to each individual through creative participation and trusted relationships

  • both short and long term support outside of existing medical or therapeutic models


Work with Organisations

We collaborate with organisations to provide workshops and group work based on the needs of the organisation and the people they support

Individual Art Therapy

We offer face to face individual art therapy for adults, teenagers and children

Workplace Wellbeing

We have developed bespoke creative wellbeing strategies for employers 

What we do

More benefits to Red Door


Engaging in a group process will give you the breathing space to open up to a positive perspective in your daily life

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Taking part in a creative process will help you to develop meaningful connection with others


Increase fulfillment

After participating in art therapy your motivation and engagement in daily tasks will be improved

Reduce stress

Increase connection and communication

Our core values

The core values that underpin the Red Door Studio include:

We value creativity as a vehicle for expression, exploration, change and transformation that is available to anyone.

We are committed to build and nourish respect, dignity, fairness, caring and equality of all individuals and their experiences.

We believe in power of working together where we can develop mutual understanding and learn from each other.

We are dedicated to providing an environment that supports the wellbeing of all involved.

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